Millennial Business Owner Says Every Entrepreneur Should Spend This One Thing

For young people, entrepreneurship is the new 9 to 5, with 60% of teens saying they want to start their own business instead of having a traditional job. With the uncertainty entrepreneurs have faced over the past two years, it may be beneficial for Gen Zers to learn from professionals who managed to thrive during … Read more

Fitness apps will soon contribute to the metaverse

Whether you’re strapping in for a Peloton ride or buying virtual real estate, Mark Zuckerberg says you’ve joined the metaverse. On an August episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Meta’s CEO said the evolution of virtual reality will unfold in the same way that computers and cellphones do: Gamers are the first to explore … Read more

5 Essential Skills of Every Successful Entrepreneur

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Starting a business is hard work and not for everyone. Entrepreneurs are a special kind of people and to succeed, they must have specific skills that set them apart from the rest. Entrepreneurs need to be flexible and resilient, but they also need to know how to … Read more

1 thing to check before claiming Social Security | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Adam Levy) As your retirement date approaches, it’s time to start planning more accurately. A big part of any retirement plan is Social Security. While there may be debate about the optimal time to file and different claim strategies to optimize your finances, there is one thing you should check regardless of when or how … Read more

US cities where rents fell the most in August

Rents in the US continue to rise. But it is declining in a few select places. That’s according to real estate site Zumper’s recently released national rent report for August 2022, which shows a continuation of record high prices for one-bedroom apartments. Zumper analyzed national rent data from more than 1 million active ads in … Read more

How would you invest $5? | Inc. #shorts #stanfordbusiness #entrepreneurship – Inc.

How would you invest $5? | Inc. #shorts #stanfordbusiness #entrepreneurshipInc. Learn Any Skill FAST with These 4 Steps |Inc. #shortsInc. See full coverage on Google News

How To Budget For Taxes As A Freelancer And Avoid An Expensive Tax Bill | Taxes

The prospect of making money on your own terms can be exciting, but many freelancers underestimate their tax obligations. Laurice Wardini, a freelance writer and co-founder of ClothedUp, says, “I knew taxes would be expensive when I first started as a freelancer, but I was shocked when it came time to pay them.” She adds, … Read more

Thrive Market: Entrepreneurial Lessons to Become One of America’s Best Startup Employers | Forbes – Forbes

Thrive Market: Entrepreneurial Lessons to Become One of America’s Best Startup Employers | ForbesForbes

Three teens thrive with their businesses at Cape Riverfront Market

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) — Three lucky people thrive on a unique business opportunity at Cape Riverfront Market in Cape Girardeau on Saturday. These three individuals got a booth at the riverside market event where they could sell their own products and meet customers. This was made possible by an entrepreneurial fair for young people … Read more

Stop engineering to open NYC bakery L’Appartement 4F

When software engineer Gautier Coiffard, 34, told his mother that he was quitting his job to open a bakery in Brooklyn, New York, she said, “That’s the last thing we need… another baker from France. .” That was before L’Appartement 4F, the bakery he owns with his wife Ashley Coiffard, became an instant success. The … Read more