Federal Open Market Committee Meeting Will Move Markets

When the market entered a short-term oversold situation shortly after Labor Day, we had enough bearish to go along. What we didn’t have was the medium-term indicators in an oversold state. What has changed over the past two weeks is that those medium-term indicators are moving towards an oversold state, when they were just coming … Read more

REITs Looking Resilient in a Recession, Analysts Say:

After a volatile year for many asset classes, real estate investment trusts — or REITs — are back in the spotlight. REITs, which invest in income-generating real estate such as shopping malls, housing projects and hospitals, had a generally positive earnings season last quarter, with analysts saying some will remain resilient even into a recession. … Read more

Listen in as our portfolio managers discuss what will move the market this week

Join the latest Action Alerts PLUS portfolio talk/podcast as co-portfolio managers Bob Lang and Chris Versace discuss what to watch in this busy week of inflation data, expiration of volatility, retail sales in August and expiration of triple-hex options. Both agree that August’s consumer price index will be the inflation report to watch and even … Read more

The LGBTQ+ community needs help achieving retirement and personal financial goals. Financial advisors have a huge opportunity to make a difference.

Many financial advisors strive for an inclusive practice that welcomes a diverse mix of clients. But that’s easier said than done. Even the most open-minded counselors who treat everyone with dignity and respect can struggle to serve the LGBTQ+ community. Despite the best of intentions, they may feel insecure about how to interact with this … Read more

Why Total Yield Can Be a Savior in Volatile Markets

Font size MetLife is one of the financial companies that has thrived this year. Michael Nagle/Bloomberg Income investors are finally having their moment. In a volatile year for markets, with major indices hovering around bear market territory, value-oriented investors are poised to profit. This comes after years of investors seeking income that outperformed their portfolios … Read more

These States Are About To Pass Personal Finance Laws This Year

Lee Jimenez, a teacher at Indian Hill Elementary School in Cincinnati, Ohio, discusses credit cards and payment methods with his third-grade class using the online finance curriculum SmartPath. SMARTPATH There is momentum for personal finance education becoming law in many states across the country. Nearly half of states already require such instruction, and more states … Read more

What experts say to do before, during and after bankruptcy?

Personal bankruptcy filings have fallen dramatically since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but with interest rates rising and government support declining, filing numbers are likely to increase this year, experts say. “I’ve had more calls in the past few weeks than in the past six months,” said Charles Juntikka, a New York attorney who … Read more

Casey White Defense Team Provided Financial Support

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) – Former escapee Casey White’s defense team has secured funding for the upcoming trial related to the death of Connie Ridgeway. It appears from court documents that the defense received financial assistance for expert assistance in the case. In the motion for funds, the defense argues that since the trial is a … Read more

What this ‘play the recovery’ strategy says about strong bond demand

A recent trend in the exchange-traded fund market suggests that bond demand is far from cooling. Corporate, government and high-yield bond ETFs saw inflows last month after lower bond prices and higher yields contributed to the slowdown in fund outflows in May. Andrew McOrmond of WallachBeth Capital, a provider of institutional execution services, believes the … Read more