Richarlison: Brazilian attacker racially abused when fan throws banana at him during 5-1 win over Tunisia in France

CNN — Brazil’s impressive end to World Cup prep was overshadowed by racist insults when striker Richarlison threw a banana at him on Tuesday during the 5-1 win over Tunisia in Paris. The Tottenham Hotspur star scored Brazil’s second goal, but as he was celebrating it, a banana was thrown at him, among other things. … Read more

Artificial sweeteners linked to increased heart risk, new study finds

Study participants who had a higher intake of total artificial sweeteners had an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared to non-consumers.NYSE/PEPSICO Awards via Reuters Artificial sweeteners are added to thousands of foods and drinks — soft drinks, yogurt, pancake syrup, jams, baked goods, frozen desserts, chewing gum, candies — to help us satisfy our … Read more

Biden receives French President Macron at White House for first state visit

CNN — President Joe Biden will make his first state visit to the White House for French President Emmanuel Macron on Dec. 1, the White House confirmed, marking the return of a tradition not seen since before the Covid-19 pandemic. “We would like to announce that President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Biden will … Read more

TotalEnergies Invests $1.5 Billion in Qatar Gas Expansion Project | Energy news

TotalEnergies becomes the first foreign investor in the North Field South gas project in Qatar, as Europe searches for new energy sources. France’s TotalEnergies has signed a new investment agreement to expand natural gas production in Qatar, while Europe is scrambling to find new energy sources to replace Russian stocks. Along with TotalEnergies chief executive … Read more

How have Manchester United’s players streamlined during the international break so far?

Football has been slow for Manchester United in recent weeks due to Premier League cancellations and the international break. United also played two more games after this, against Real Sociedad and Sheriff Tiraspol in the Europa League, but football life at the club has certainly slowed down for the fans. However, the club currently has … Read more

Nestlé and Ogilvy used AI to expand Vermeer’s ‘The Milkmaid’

DALL-E 2’s “Outpainting” debuted with an enhanced version of another Vermeer treasure, “Girl With a Pearl Earring,” which served as the inspiration for Ogilvy ECD David Raichman and CD Julien Bredontiot. The pair made the Vermeer reboot by entering more than 1,000 text prompts about the precise placement and physical aspect of figures and objects. … Read more

Follow in the footsteps of artist Cezanne in Aix-en-Provence, his charming hometown

Caalors, is that really Paul Cezanne? The Post-Impressionist painter stands next to the Fontaine de la Rotonde with his hat and walking stick, easel strapped to his back. Somehow, the life-size bronze statue of Aix-en-Provence’s favorite son looks surprised at the attention it attracts. Next month, Cezanne is coming to London’s Tate Modern in a … Read more

Inuitive Launches NU4100 and Expands Its Edge AI Vision-on-Chip IC Portfolio; NU4100 offers advanced AI capabilities and can stream 2X 4K cameras with internal advanced ISP |

Tuned for robotics, the new NU4100 sets a new industry standard through integrated dual-channel 4K ISP with improved AI performance linked with depth sensing and VSLAM capabilities RA’ANANA, Israel, September 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Inuitive Ltd., a Vision-on-Chip processor company, today announced the launch of its new NU4100, an extension of its Vision and AI … Read more