Los Angeles Toy Company Launches World’s First Custom Subscription Box | News

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Adventuretown Toy Emporium was busy creating a new product during the pandemic that will help parents keep their child on track. “In August 2020, when the 2nd wave of Covid hit, I realized that this pandemic was not going to go away anytime soon and that pandemic … Read more

Ottawa works to regulate drug supply as overdose deaths continue to rise

The federal government is working on a regulated safe supply of drugs, the addictions minister said Wednesday, as new data showed an increase in overdose deaths in the first three months of this year compared to the same period last year. “I think people are right that we want to go to a place where … Read more

Harrison, Ark. homelessness commission fighting mental health, lack of public education

HARRISON, Ark. (KY3) – The City of Harrison’s Homelessness Commission last week presented its final report to the city council, sharing findings from a nearly nine-month study. Tabitha Eddington, chair of the commission, presented the final report showing that most people in Harrison who appear to be homeless are not. The primary problem includes mental … Read more

Eureka Therapeutics Announces New England Journal of Medicine Publication of Clinical Study Demonstrating GPRC5D as Active Target for Multiple Myeloma Treatment – Tullahoma News and Guardian

Eureka Therapeutics Announces New England Journal of Medicine Publication of Clinical Study Demonstrating GPRC5D as an Active Target for Multiple Myeloma TreatmentTullahoma News and GuardianSee full coverage on Google News

Comedian Cheech Marin donates hundreds of chicano works to art museum – NBC News

Comedian Cheech Marin donates hundreds of chicano works to art museumNBC News Destination California – The CheechKTLA 5 See full coverage on Google News

Less than one percent of U of T students requested exemption from vax mandate

TORONTO — Less than one percent of the 8,400 University of Toronto students living on campus have applied for waiver from the COVID-19 triple gunshot mandate, the school said Wednesday. The university didn’t say how many waiver requests were granted, or how many students didn’t have a booster dose, but said the “vast majority” of … Read more

Melatonin should be avoided in children unless prescribed: experts

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) urges parents to consult a health care provider before their child begins taking melatonin, according to a recent health advisory. “While melatonin may be helpful in treating certain sleep-wake disorders, such as jet lag, there is much less evidence that it can help healthy children or adults fall … Read more

Lululemon launches hybrid fitness platform

Lululemon Athletica expands its fitness offering with the launch of lululemon Studio, a new platform that gives members access to thousands of online and in-person fitness classes. Lululemon Studio is the cornerstone of the new fitness apparel membership program, both of which kick off on October 5. It also marks the next chapter for Mirror, … Read more

Scientists honored for COVID-19 tracker, prenatal test

NEW YORK — A Johns Hopkins University scientist who created a website to track COVID-19 cases worldwide is the recipient of this year’s Lasker award for public service. The $250,000 awards, announced Wednesday by the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, recognize achievements in medical research. The public service award went to Lauren Gardner, an engineer … Read more

Amid a youth mental health crisis and a shortage of counselors, SC creates a new program for school staff

COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) — Officials said schools across the state of Palmetto have a new way to prepare teachers and other staff to support student mental health. Wednesday morning, the University of South Carolina psychology faculty launched the John H. Magill SC School Behavioral Health Academy (SBHA). According to officials, the SBHA will provide continuing … Read more