Hochul again sells Adams, NYC’s schoolchildren to serve her own interests

After weeks of encircling and dawdling, Governor Kathy Hochul signed the odious bill last week. It is a gift to the boss of the teachers’ union Michael Mulgrew, at the expense of the children. Limit class size to 20 students in K-3, 23 in 4th through 8th grade, and 25 in high school in May … Read more

New York government declares state of emergency after polio virus found in more sewage

ALBANY, NY (AP) — New York Governor Kathy Hochul said on Friday the state was stepping up its efforts to fight polio as the virus causing the life-threatening disease was discovered in the sewage of yet another county in the United States. area of ​​New York City. . Health officials began checking for signs of … Read more

The Countdown: Is NYC’s Increased Fear of Crime Justified?

NEW YORK (WABC) — In this edition of ‘The Countdown’ we take a closer look at the perception versus reality of crime in New York City. Statistics from the NYPD show that the number of major crimes was up about 26% last month compared to a year ago, but the homicide rate was down 54% … Read more

COVID MTA mask mandate ends in NY, says Governor Kathy Hochul – NBC New York

The New York governor announced on Wednesday that a longstanding COVID-19 rule that people had largely disobeyed months ago, and which officials had stopped enforcing, is coming to an end. The MTA mask mandate implemented at the start of the pandemic is over, Governor Kathy Hochul said. The rule also ends in rental vehicles, airports, … Read more

New York Republicans Campaign Against Midtown Congestion Toll Plan

Congestion prices become the GOP’s sharpest political tool against Democrats in key New York midterm races. Republicans are trying to use the controversial plan to take a heavy toll on motorists entering Midtown Manhattan against Democrats in races for governor, state legislature and even Congress. Increasing fights over toll waivers have only fueled the attacks. … Read more

New York restricts gun ownership after Supreme Court ruling

NEW YORK (AP) — Amid the bright lights and electronic billboards in New York’s Times Square, city authorities are installing new signs declaring the busy intersection a “Gun Free Zone.” The sprawling Manhattan tourist attraction is one of dozens of “sensitive” places — including parks, churches and theaters — that will be off limits to … Read more

Democrats Let NYC Minorities Suffer While Wealthy Whites Stay Safe

In 2014, when he was first inaugurated as mayor, Bill de Blasio boasted that he was ending the “Two Cities Tale.” Eight years later, his Democratic successors have only increased inequality in New York—and put blacks and Latinos at risk much more than whites. Affluent white neighborhoods remain largely safe, while lower-income areas, mainly minority … Read more

NY progressives have provoked a bloody war on the streets – and the innocent pay the price

New York’s progressives have provoked an ugly war that is taking place not only on the ideological fronts, but also on the streets – with real victims. But what the progressives won’t admit is that these victims aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet; they are real people. On August 13, New York added a new … Read more