The Yakuza Name Is Officially Dead, Sega Changes The Branding

Screenshot: Sega The first Yakuza game was released all the way back in 2006, and the branding was last used in the 2020s Yakuza: like a dragon. Across eight major releases and a number of spin-offs, the name became synonymous of sharp suits, hour-long cutscenes and engines slammed in dudes’ faces, but as Sega gears … Read more

The GoldenEye re-releases are super weird – IGN Daily Fix – IGN

The GoldenEye Re-releases Are Super Weird – IGN Daily FixIGN Why Xbox Fans Are Disappointed With GoldenEye 007’s AnnouncementCBR – Comic Book Resources ‘GoldenEye 007’ Switch vs. Xbox: how to choose the best version for youInverse The GoldenEye Re Releases Are a Weirdly Complicated Situation – IGNIGN Nintendo Switch Online May Bring Back Goldeneye 007’s … Read more

Bringing back Yakuza’s Kiryu as a dragon 8 is stupid

How often do you have to say goodbye, old man?Screenshot: Sega Last night we finally got to take a look at the next main game in the Yakuza series, Like a dragon 8and the announcement trailer immediately had people racing online to collect memes poking fun at the youthful new haircut from the old, tough … Read more

PS Plus August 2022 lineup adds Yakuza, Bugsnax . please

Screenshot: Sega After a massive relaunch in June, Sony’s PS Plus membership now includes access to a games-on-demand library (well, if you pay for one of the two more expensive tiers). Like Microsoft’s competitive Xbox Game Pass servicePS Plus is starting to see a regular addition of different games on a monthly basis – you … Read more

Entire Mainline Yakuza Series Coming to PlayStation Plus

Image: Sega Sony just announced that Sega is widely loved Yakuza series of criminal underworld sims withwill debut soon on its PlayStation Plus subscription service. The whole main series is actually coming up. Today, Sony announced on its blog that the most important entries in the Yakuza series, which follows the story of Kazuma Kiryu … Read more