London’s best coffee shops 2022: from Monmouth to Prufrock

W e have come a long way since the ninth century when coffee is thought to have been discovered. It was then that an Ethiopian goatherd started playing with the berries his flock was munching on, after noticing that their playful behavior was appreciated. At least, that’s how the story goes – and whether it’s … Read more

London Politics LIVE: Liz Truss defends mini-Budget as the ‘right plan’ despite economic turmoil

p Prime Minister Liz Truss has defended her Chancellor’s mini-budget as the “right plan” when she began a series of regional interviews Thursday morning. After the pound plunged following Kwasi Kwarteng’s intervention last week, the prime minister attempted to restore confidence in the market by conducting 24 regional interviews. In her initial interviews, Ms. Truss … Read more

Harry Dunn’s alleged murderer Anne Sacoolas to appear in court in London

t The family of Harry Dunn’s three-year wait for criminal proceedings will finally come to an end as the case of their son’s alleged murderer will be heard in a British court for the first time. US citizen Anne Sacoolas is charged with causing the death of the 19-year-old motorcyclist through dangerous driving after a … Read more

Survivor of cardiac arrest urges people to learn CPR this World Heart Day

A Woman rescued by stranger after cardiac arrest at the gym has urged everyone to arm themselves with the crucial skill of CPR. On the occasion of World Heart Day and just before the London Marathon, people are being encouraged to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation so they can use it in an emergency. The British Heart … Read more

Is the UK facing a financial crisis? – Sky News

Is the UK facing a financial crisis?Sky News ‘Government gambles with our houses’Sky News Financial crisis: your questions answeredSky News Cost of Living: Your Housing and Mortgage Questions AnsweredSky News Cost of Living: Your Questions AnsweredSky News See full coverage on Google News

Hilma af Klint fantasized about a spiral temple for her art. A new virtual reality experience invites you

“Hilma af Klint dreamed of a spiral building built to house her most important body of work,” Daniel Birnbaum, the former director of the Moderna Museet, told Artnet News. “Clearly, her paintings were intended to lead the viewer to a level of consciousness beyond that of everyday life. Was it really a physical building she … Read more

Two passenger planes collide at Heathrow: Korean jet ‘clips’ Icelandic 767 while taxiing

Two passenger planes collide at Heathrow: Korean jet ‘clips’ Icelandic 767 while taxiing at London airport, causing major emergency response Two passenger planes collided at Heathrow tonight Incident occurred between jets while taxiing, emergency services are on site A passenger on board one of the planes said there was ‘no apparent danger’ *** Were you … Read more

British central bank intervenes in the market to stop economic crisis

LONDON (AP) – The Bank of England took emergency measures on Wednesday to stabilize Britain’s financial markets and prevent a crisis in the wider economy after the government spooked investors with a program of unfunded tax cutscausing the pound to plummet and the cost of government debt to rise. The central bank warned that crumbling … Read more

‘Significant’ rate hike coming, Bank of England suggests – Sky News

‘Significant’ rate hike coming, Bank of England suggestsSky News Bank of England to have ‘significant’ response to new government planThe New York Times BOE’s Pill: UK tax cuts require significant policy responseBloomberg Markets and Finance BoE’s Pill: We Won’t Sell Gilts in a Dysfunctional MarketFX Street Watch live: Bank of England chief economist makes statementSky … Read more