The Balmoral Hotel’s huge neon sign will be removed on Sunday

The distinctive neon sign affixed to the front of the Balmoral Hotel in Downtown Eastside (159 East Hastings Street) will be removed Sunday (June 26). The announcement on the City of Vancouver’s website said the decision to remove the sign ahead of the building’s scheduled demolition “is due to the [sign’s] deteriorating condition and risk … Read more

Strict curiosity is at the heart of Dancing on the Edge’s glittering triple bill

Dancing on the Edge has never been afraid to take risks with talented local choreographers. It should therefore come as no great surprise that the festival this year brings together three new works in an unusual triple bill. It’s called glint and it will be available at the Scotiabank Dance Center from July 14-16 for … Read more

Fable Diner & Bar organizes Blindfolded Dining in the Dark event

A unique blindfold dining concept that began in Switzerland more than two decades ago is coming to Vancouver next week as a discovery experience. Hosted by Fable Diner & Bar (755 Richards Street) for three nights, the Dining in the Dark event promises to “take your meal to a whole new level,” according to Fable’s … Read more

Finnish dancers Maria Nurmela and Ville Oinonen look for lifelong communication and connection in The Days

cinematic. Minimalistic. including. These are just three of the adjectives that could describe: The daysan intimate duet created by the English choreographer Theo Clinkard. Unlike almost every other dance production in which the choreographer chooses the performers, this went very differently. Via Zoom, two experienced stars from the Finnish contemporary dance world, Maria Nurmela and … Read more

Graham Brown rocks the Telecaster, takes no prisoners and shares a gig with his old band Jr. Gone Wild

When the Georgia Straight tries to call Graham Brown at the agreed time for an interview, they don’t answer so we leave a message and try again a few minutes later. This time we connect, only to apologize to the local rocker and explain that the first time he didn’t hear the phone because the … Read more

‘Nomadland’ author Jessica Bruder is working on abortion book

The author of ‘Nomadland’, the basis for the Oscar-winning film of the same name, is working on a book about abortion NEW YORK — The author of “Nomadland,” the basis for the Oscar-winning film of the same name, is working on a book about abortion. Jessica Bruder will touch on reporting for her May cover … Read more

New to Netflix July 2022: ‘Persuasion’, ‘Virgin River’ and more

Calling all Jane Austen fans! Netflix will add more than 100 shows and movies in July, including a new adaptation of Austen’s latest novel, “Persuasion.” Starring Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis and Henry Goulding, the landmark film will premiere on Netflix on July 15. Other new original films coming out next month include the spy thriller … Read more

Brand synergy eats its own tail as The Office recreates its intro with Minions

Welcome friends, to the Steve Cariot Vortex—that place where all Steve CarAll the fandoms come together in one unholy singularity of comedy (with the occasional dramatic twist). In this magical wonderland of brand synergy“That’s what she said” and “Welcome to Marwen” can interact with each other in perfect harmony; you can love lamp, 40 year … Read more

Tamara Loyer (with Jennifer Maiko Bradshaw): Arbutus and West 8th Supportive Housing Project Will Save Lives

By Tamara Loyer (with Jennifer Maiko Bradshaw) My last days on the streets at age 49 were in my sleep-safe zone, on a bench in Coal Harbor. It had a beautiful view, with planes, cruise ships, cranes and a nice, affluent neighborhood. One day a bottle of beer was hit on my head by a … Read more

Vancouver and District Labor Council Endorse Vision Candidates for Park and School Board, But Not Council

Last September, a labor organization representing 60,000 workers from more than 100 unions made a bold statement. The Vancouver and District Labor Councils have stated that they would not support Vision Vancouver’s candidates for mayor or aldermen. However, this week the VDLC endorsed Vision candidates for school and park board. John Irwin, who defected from … Read more