Winamp Is Back (Again) to Play all Those MP3s You Don’t Have

Screenshot: Gizmodo Winamp died! And then it came back! then it died again! And now it’s back once again, as the first release candidate of the re-resurrected Winamp 5.9 has been made available for download to a new generation who years ago transitioned away from MP3 files to streaming services. The transition from buying music … Read more

The return of Napster? Music app revived as a Web 3.0 product

Napster was a truly revolutionary company when it arrived in the late 1990s. The peer-to-peer file-sharing network allowed users to easily download music for free, but it quickly led to a bitter battle with the music industry that even brought in stars like Metallica. The first incarnation of Napster may not have lasted, but it … Read more