Honieh Barzegari: a city of immigrants

Last week I was getting ready to go to my flamenco dance class. Suddenly I got an email from the Chief Election Officer of the City of Vancouver. The email was to let me know that the city had filed an application with the BC Provincial Court to challenge my nomination. I was shocked and … Read more

Vancouver International Flamenco Festival: Choreographer Kara Miranda Embraces Her Self in Sombras/Shadows

Victorian born flamenco dancer and choreographer Kara Miranda’s latest project was initially inspired by the visual look of shadows. But as Miranda delved deeper into the subject, she became fascinated with the work of Carl Jung, a pioneer of depth psychology and dream analysis who died in 1961. In particular, she was drawn to the … Read more

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are playing Vancouver tonight, and maybe they’ll do the Carpenters’ “Superstar”

Vancouver punk rock lovers who want to have fun tonight (September 22) should know Me first and the Gimme Gimmes play at the Harbor Events Center. In case you didn’t know the Gimmes, they are arguably the most incredible cover band of all time. And they’re a punk rock supergroup to boot, with lead singer … Read more

COVID-19 and the Vancouver School Board Elections

One of the best things about working in the media is the free education I get. For that I can thank my many teachers – many of whom happen to be people I’ve interviewed over the years. One of them is health policy researcher Andrew Longhurst, whose sharp and astute Twitter feed has become required … Read more

Woman charged after two people were allegedly stabbed in the CBD

Brendan Rees | September 21, 2022 A 28-year-old woman has been charged with a series of offenses after two alleged stabbings took place in the CBD on September 8. Victoria Police said emergency services responded to reports of a stabbing during an attempted armed robbery at the intersection of Flinders and Downie streets around 5pm. … Read more

Historic pub gets a makeover after approval of $350 million redevelopment plan

A heritage-rated CBD pub, which was destroyed by fire earlier this year, will be revived with an additional 21-storey office tower to be built after a $350 million development plan is approved. Developer Hickory will work with Cox Architecture to restore the original façade and work with a hospitality partner to restore the 1915-built Kilkenny … Read more

More than 120 CBD buildings and sites gain heritage protection in “monumental” planning change

More than 100 historic buildings in the CBD will receive permanent heritage protection in one of the largest assessments conducted in Victoria in more than two decades. In what has been hailed as a “monumental” amendment to the Melbourne Planning Scheme, heritage protection will be extended to 121 buildings and five sites within the Hoddle … Read more

Celebrating over two decades of CBD real estate management success

A lot has happened in the CBD since the turn of the millennium. We’ve seen an initially frosty reception to the design of Fed Square (2002), we’ve seen the Commonwealth Games come and go (2006), we’ve seen the sad demise of iconic locations like the palace (2014), we’ve even parted ways with Metcards and welcomed … Read more

Attention landlords! | CBD news

In March 2021, the Victorian government passed the most significant changes to rental laws in living history. According to Consumers Affairs Victoria, the “changes have been introduced to expand the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords (landlords) and will make renting in Victoria fairer and safer”. The legislation ensures that landlords meet the minimum … Read more

Residents 3000 – an AGM and 30 years to celebrate

The recent Forum 3000 on September 1 was the AGM and 30th anniversary of the community group; a time to recap the year’s successes and welcome Mayor Sally Capp. AGM with a difference How time flies. Residents 3000 started in 1992 with official registration in 1993. This means that our chairman will not only enjoy … Read more