Cleveland Wade Park School students grateful for book donations

CLEVELAND — Flipping through the pages of a book can provide meaningful and mentally stimulating moments. Unfortunately, many kids in northeast Ohio don’t have that opportunity at home. Wade Park School on Cleveland’s east side received the 500,000-book book from the “If You Give A Child A Book Campaign” on behalf of the Scripps Howard … Read more

Proponents call for mental health experts, not the police, to respond in crises

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Some in northeastern Ohio are calling for an overhaul of how mental health and behavioral health crises are being addressed. They believe that mental health experts, not police officers, should respond to some calls for help. “When it comes to the mental health crisis, out-of-home individuals, even neuro-divergent individuals and people who … Read more

Police forces see increase in mental health, calls for substance use

CLEVELAND — The number of calls to police services related to mental health has increased by an estimated 20% nationwide. The local police services are also seeing an increase. “More and more calls we make are related to people with mental health problems,” said Lakewood Police Department Captain Gary Stone. The department has a Crisis … Read more

Cuyahoga County’s Proposal Could Expand Internet Access

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio — A recent proposal aims to transform one of the least connected communities in the country into one of the most connected communities. In Cuyahoga County, nearly 18% of households do not have Internet access. The stat rises to 40% when looking at families with annual incomes less than $20,000. “In rural … Read more

Addressing the mental health of health professionals

LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio — The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the mental health of people around the world, including those in healthcare. Here in northeast Ohio, there is a push to encourage both those in the industry and those preparing to enter the industry to focus on self-care. At Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Judy Gregg … Read more