VIDEO INTERVIEW: Palmer Luckey Shares VR Stories, Seeks Top Aussie Tech Talent For Anduril Defense Tech

GUEST INTERVIEW: Now that the future of virtual reality has successfully rebooted, thanks in part to the efforts of Palmer Luckey, who founded Oculus VR in 2012, designed the headset, led VR inputs, and sold the company to Facebook for US$2 billion in 2014 , Luckey set his sights in 2017 on a much more … Read more

Sosie Bacon Anchors A Terrifying Movie

Caitlin Stasey at Parker Finn’s Smile. Photo: Decisive Make sure the liquor cabinet in the house is in good condition in stock, because you might just want a hearty drink after seeing it Smile. Writer-director Parker Finn’s feature film debut, expanded from his SXSW award-nominated short film Laura didn’t sleep, is designed to work your … Read more

16 awesome tabletop role-playing soundtracks

Image: Dungeons and Dragons “for spells contains a double LP of artist songs, all produced by Chris Funk, guitarist for the Decemberists, who plays D&D with many people in the Portland, Oregon music scene. Chris Perkins, Story Architect at D&D and chief designer of spelling sorry, teamed up with Funk to bring the Flash Gordon-esque … Read more

A step into VR and the potential for businesses | Local business

When virtual reality technology hit the market a handful of years ago, the perception was that it was just an evolution in video gaming. But Jim Cullinan, policy communications manager for Meta, said the technology could be used for much more than just gaming or social interaction. Meta is the parent company of Facebook, Instagram … Read more

Metaverse could be like internet. But its mass adoption depends on how it solves its problems.

Projection on the face of a woman wearing futuristic glasses. Short content Metaverse promises to be a multi-trillion dollar opportunity in the coming years. For all its exciting appeal of a new virtual world, it has to overcome some hurdles such as access, security, interoperability and more. Otherwise, it will take much longer for this … Read more

The Oculus, child of the space age, is reborn

The Oculus, a public washroom built in 1959 in a Toronto park, was in a serious state of disrepair and was in danger of being demolished when fans intervened to save it.Giaimo When I last visited the alien rune stone 11 years ago, Toronto residents were no longer interested in contacting the Venusians. However, the … Read more

Meta Quest 2 Pro: Renowned Analyst Offers Features and Price Prediction List

Reviews† News† Processor† GPU† Article† columns† Other “or” look for relationship. 3d printing† 5G† accessory† AI† alder lake† AMD† android† Apple† Archery bow† ARM† audio† Benchmark† Biotechnology† Company† Camera† Cannon Lake† Cezanne (Zen 3)† Graphs† Chinese technology† Chromebook† To console† Convertible / 2-in-1† cryptocurrency† cyber law† Agreement† desktop† do it yourself† E-mobility† Education† Exclusive† Failure† … Read more

Meta’s goal in next-gen VR headsets: ‘indistinguishable from reality’

Meta has showcased a number of new prototype VR headsets that the social networking + virtual reality giant says will shape the future of VR, with worlds that will be “indistinguishable from reality“…oh, and they’re prototyping the new “Starburst” VR headset, that is 200x brighter† The new VR headsets are being worked on at Meta’s … Read more