Mental health aids offered after hoax 911 call; deputies resigned at the sight of “dead children” | News

ROCHESTER, Minnesota — It was an exciting day for our area as first responders rushed to the site of active gunmen in local school districts on Wednesday. While every phone call turned out to be a hoax, the emotional stress of responding to these types of incidents is very real. Captain James Schueller explained: “I … Read more

Demand for food aid remains high at Salvation Army | News

ROCHESTER, Minnesota – The Salvation Army in Rochester said demand for food aid still remains high as inflation continues to drive up grocery prices. On Friday, the Salvation Army said 65 households visited the food shelf, which is three times the number of people who normally need food aid in one day. Candace Voeller, one … Read more

Suspicious device found outside Olmsted County Govt. Centre

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — A major law enforcement scene emerged Tuesday night outside the Olmsted County Government Center after a woman turned off a suspicious device. Authorities said a man brought the device to the woman after finding it on a bike path in southwest Rochester. She told investigators she thought she was “doing a … Read more