Rents Sydney: Couple’s rents soar them out of Northmead’s house

A young couple has been priced out of their Sydney suburban home for two years by an astronomical increase in their weekly rent. A young man from Northmead, who asked to remain anonymous, said a recent rent increase notice he received on Monday, Sept. 12, increased his rent from $460 to $610 a week. The … Read more

Rent costs Sydney: suburbs where rent has risen the most

As the country faces its fifth rate hike in as many months, new figures show that landlords are increasingly passing on the costs to their tenants. New housing data from advocacy group Everybody’s Home shows that renters are facing dramatic rent increases, with one suburb experiencing a rent increase of more than $100 per week. … Read more

Rising prices causing some renters to overprice – CBC News: The National

Rising prices causing some tenants to be pricedCBC News: The National Airbnb almost as expensive as hotels, new data says | CTV NewsCTV News Toronto The cost of rent in Edmonton is $1,446 cheaper than in Vancouver | urbanizedDaily beehive Victoria rent for two bedrooms up 35 percent in one yearCHEK News View full coverage … Read more

Tenancy rights advocates urge more help from local leaders

TAMPA, Fla. – As rents in Tampa Bay continue to rise, local governments are looking at how they can do more to help people struggling to keep up with the price of paradise. At the same time, proponents of Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties said that while they welcome the changes, there is still more work … Read more