Australian Republic Movement picks new seat after Peter FitzSimons announces he is stepping down

The Australian Republic Movement will have a new chairman in weeks after Peter FitzSimons decided not to rename himself for the position. FitzSimons has stated that the time is right for a new seat as the Republican movement ramps up its campaign following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the accession of King Charles … Read more

Aboriginal artist David Hudson calls for respect and reform after Queen Elizabeth’s death

Cairns-based Indigenous artist and tourism pioneer David Hudson has a unique perspective on the furore unfolding after the Queen’s death. Most important points: Indigenous man David Hudson believes discussions of late Queen Elizabeth could be respectful while acknowledging monarchy’s shortcomings Anti-monarchy protest organizer Ruby Wharton says her group encourages flag burning to spark expression, anger … Read more

Republican movement unleashes campaign after Queen’s mourning period

Now that the day of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II is over, a Republican lobby group resumes its campaign to separate Australia from the monarchy. Most important points: The Australian Republic’s movement says it wants “to have a conversation” over a referendum in the coming years Albanian government does not rule out a referendum on … Read more

Anthony Albanian meets King Charles at Buckingham Palace while in London to pay tribute to the Queen

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has offered his condolences to King Charles III during a private audience at Buckingham Palace. Most important points: Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has sat down with King Charles III to offer his condolences Speaking to reporters, he said severing ties with the monarchy in Australia was not discussed He also … Read more

Queen Elizabeth’s death reminds us of all the ways Australia has changed in 70 years and will continue to change

Longevity plays tricks on us. Queen Elizabeth II was a public figure who has been around for almost all of our lives – something that was widely noticed on Friday as news of her death spread. But her very long life meant that, inevitably, the image of who she was and what she represented – … Read more

Steam is giving away free game with VR version

Steam is giving away what are essentially two games at no extra cost, they are literally free video games. Steam has a reputation for being one of the best places to play games on PC, thanks in large part to its great storefront. Not only is it filled with thousands of great games, but the … Read more

Republic FC plays against LA Galaxy teams twice in one week

You could hear it coming from miles away: “We’re taking it game by game.” Sure enough, the Sacramento Republic FC players and coaches came into Saturday’s home game with USL rival LA Galaxy II fully focused. No one thought ahead of Tuesday, when Sacramento faces the MLS parent club in the quarter-finals of the US … Read more