The thorny problem of keeping track of the internet’s time

In 1977, David Mills, an eccentric engineer and computer scientist, took a job at COMSAT, a satellite company headquartered in Washington, D.C. Mills was an inveterate tinkerer: He had once built a hearing aid for a friend’s uncle and consulted Ford about how to put paper-tape computers in cars. Now on COMSATMills became involved in … Read more

Frida Escobedo among the 100 emerging leaders by TIME 2022

Frida Escobedo among the 100 emerging leaders by TIME 2022 © Vanessa Vielma Part Part facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest whatsapp Or Every year, TIME publishes TIME100 Next, a list inspired by the flagship TIME100, recognizing 100 people from all sectors of the world whose careers are on the rise. As a result, the 2022 … Read more

Ottawa imposes sanctions on those responsible for Iranian woman’s death

People demonstrate against the Iranian regime during a protest in Toronto’s Mel Lastman Square on Sept. 24.GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images Canada will impose sanctions on those responsible for the death of 22-year-old Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini, including Iran’s so-called vice squad and its leaders, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday. “We have seen Iran ignore … Read more

Bigger, bolder, taller: Vancouver’s drive for density has builders rethinking their plans

View of the original Raphael building.Cape Group When Vancouver developer Zack Ross learned that the Broadway plan had been approved, he immediately ordered that all work be halted on the site of a 95-unit apartment building on East 2nd Avenue, in the False Creek Flats neighborhood. Instead of a five-story building, Mr. Ross now had … Read more

What You Need To Know About Ankle Biting Mosquitoes – NBC Los Angeles

What to know Aede’s “ankle-biting” mosquitoes are responsible for your bug-bite woes in SoCal. They will bite aggressively several times in one go and emerge in the middle of the day – atypical SoCal mosquito behavior. While native mosquitoes require a large amount of water, they can reproduce in a small bottle cap of water … Read more

Is it legal to cross a fixed double line to pass a car?

In most of Canada, violating the painted double line on a highway is against the law, except in Ontario, where lines painted on the road are visual reminders to take extra care when passing.Getty Images/iStockphoto I live in Ontario and I see a lot of vehicles passing on fixed double lines. Is this legal? – … Read more

Passengers stuck in GO trains for hours after fatal accident on the track

A GO train arrives at Union Station in Toronto on Monday, May 2, 2022.Tijana Martin/The Canadian Press It was Gilon James’ first time taking the GO train, but after a fatal accident on the track turned an hour-long ride into a nearly five-hour ‘nightmare’, it was likely her last. She was one of the transit … Read more

City dwellers traded condos for rural life during the pandemic. Now some are going back

A group of people who left Toronto at the start of the pandemic to move to the countryside give up their brief flirtation with a quieter life and head back to the city.Handout On a chilly day in January last year, Michael Perkins and Christopher Charles ventured from Toronto to Innisfil, Ont., to view a … Read more

Lake Ontario double crossing ‘a big jump up’, says long-distance swimmer

Sean Nuttall covered 100 kilometers in 42 hours as he swam from Toronto to St. Catharines and back across Lake Ontario. Toronto-born Nuttall did the swimming in memory of his father, Robert.Handout Sean Nuttall had swum the Channel. He had taken a tour of Manhattan. Once, despite being severely ill, he kicked and stroked his … Read more