Best Weight Loss Strategy: Cardio vs. Strength | Health

For decades, conventional wisdom said that cardio was the best exercise for weight loss. Then strength training came into the limelight as it is a must to revive your metabolism and increase resting metabolism. The key to achieving any fitness goal is to be consistent, and if weight loss is your goal, health experts argue … Read more

Judges Talk About The New Season Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ – Good Morning America

Judges talk about the new season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’Good morning America ‘Dancing With The Stars’ is back for Season 31 with an all-new cast of celebrities dancing their way to Disney+ and the Mirrorball trophyABC Dancing with the Stars Season 31: Full Cast RevealPEOPLE Season 31 Cast Announcement | Dancing With The Stars … Read more

Blake Shelton explains why he brought the mullet back for "no body" (Extended) | The Tonight Show – The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Blake Shelton Explains Why He Brought The Mullet Back For “No Body” (Extended) | The Tonight ShowThe Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Enjoy a rare opportunity to dance at Castle Green – NBC Los Angeles

What to know Autumn Frolic at Castle Green Wednesday November 16 $70 for the “Full Evening”; other ticket levels are available There are some notable buildings in Southern California with interiors that we know well, even if we can’t say we know them from personal visits. It’s the legendary landmarks frequented by film crews, meaning … Read more

Dave Franco on Salsa Dancing with Jamie Foxx, Snoop is the Cure for COVID & on Set Injuries – Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dave Franco on Salsa Dancing with Jamie Foxx, Snoop Being the Cure for COVID & On Set InjuriesJimmy Kimmel Live

Angelina Jolie dances Electric Slide with Zahara Jolie-Pitt

She definitely has the boogie. Angelina Jolie was spotted dancing the Electric Slide with daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt as they celebrated the 17-year-old’s admission to Spelman College at an event in Los Angeles. The mother-daughter duo were caught on camera giggling as they followed the stairs in a video posted to TikTok on Sunday. “Morehouse and … Read more

Dancing is good for the heart and good for the brain, because exercise and socializing help reduce the risk of dementia

Dancing is more than a hobby for retired Lou Tiziani; it helps him stay young. Twice a week he helps organize New Vogue dance events in the Wollongong area and has his own website listing all the dances in the region from the Highlands to the South Coast. New Vogue sequence dancing originated in colonial … Read more

Fans mock Justin Timberlake for awkward ‘hokey-pokey’ dance

Justin Timberlake may need to call his choreographer. The 41-year-old musician stopped by Saturday’s Something in the Water music festival in Washington, DC, where he was caught grooving to the Beat Ya Feet dancewhich has been popular in the area for over 20 years. However, fans were not impressed by the dance moves of the … Read more

Dancing queen: 23-year-old Nidhi Achha wins International Tutting dance battle

Nidhi Achha, is a dancer from Kurla, Mumbai and won the Geometric Lady’s Tutt 2 Competition. It is an international dance competition in which female dancers from the US, China, Russia, Great Britain and South Asian countries compete. She is the only Indian who participates in this dance battle. Tutting is a street dance style … Read more