Otter juggles rock like a pro, internet thinks it’s “ridiculously cute”

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Video shows mountain lion hiding outside a house, internet reacts

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Anand Mahindra Shares Unique Idea Of Portable Wedding Hall, The Internet Loves It

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Viral video of dog jumping into a pile of dry leaves stuns internet

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Artist Makes Engagement Dessert “Ring Box” In Video, Internet Baffled

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Black bear put down after North Vancouver refrigerator robbery, officials say

We’ve all had unexpected guests at the door, but a resident of North Vancouver, BC, was unprepared for what he saw at his wide-open front door. It turned out that a black bear opened the front door and robbed a refrigerator. @dadknowseveryting Black Bear stole some shit!! Call the police there has been a break-in!! … Read more

Black bear BC put down after fridge robbery in North Vancouver

Global News Hour at 6 BC. Posted September 18, 2022 A black bear made famous on a social media video that went viral has been shot. The animal raided a homeowner’s refrigerator in North Vancouver, and as Travis Prasad reports, the BC Conservation Service says their daring behavior left them with only one option.

Viral video: The latest ketchup flavored ice cream is disrupting the internet

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Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya ‘shakaboom’ the internet with new dance reel, watch video

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Hundreds of sheep follow runner on track, internet thinks it’s “hilarious”

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