Taps named by local class

Sophie Berrill | May 4, 2022

If you’ve recently passed through the new Melbourne Quarter district between Flinders and Collins streets opposite Southern Cross Station, you may have noticed some interesting names on four cranes.

“Linda”, “Super Lifter”, “Mr Cart” and “School” were the names chosen by four creative Grade One students from Docklands Primary School.

Developer Lendlease held the name-a-crane contest to creatively involve the school, which opened last year.

Julia named her crane Linda. Why? “It’s my sister’s name,” she said.

Maithili called his faucet Mr Cart “because it looks like a faucet and has a ‘C’ as its first letter,” he explained.

Devansh gave his crane the heroic nickname “Super Lifter” because “it’s a cool name and cranes can lift anything, so they’re super!”

And finally, Spyro’s crane, which will join the others later this year, is simply called “School”.

“I love school!” Spyro clarifies.

As well as helping to build the new Melbourne Quarter Tower, the cranes will also light up with symbolic colors on important community dates, from Naidoc Week to World AIDS Day.

The 34-storey building will become Medibank’s new national headquarters, with the entire tower housing approximately 15,000 employees.

The Melbourne Quarter Tower is expected to be completed in 2024 and will complete the district’s public square and the final phase of the elevated Sky Park, the first of its kind in Melbourne •

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