TCL & Innolux Unveil 3K LCD for Compact VR Headsets

During Display Week 2022, JDI and Innolux presented compact 3K LCD panels for VR headsets.

Japan Display Inc (JDI) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of displays, formed 10 years ago from a merger of the LCD manufacturing divisions of Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi. Innolux is Taiwan’s largest LCD manufacturer.

Both new screens are about 2.27 inches diagonal, with a 90Hz refresh rate and a resolution of 3240×3240 – which is equivalent to 2016 pixels per inch. The identical specifications are likely due to a patent cross-licensing agreement between JDI and Innolux.

This isn’t the first 3K LCD display we’ve seen presented by display providers. During the Display Week of 2019, AUO presented a 3456×3456 LCD panel with more than 2000 backlight elements to support HDR. However, that panel was bigger (2.9 inches) and we haven’t heard from it since. AUO’s booth at this year’s Display Week didn’t even have VR panels at all.

JDI currently supplies the 2K (2160×2160) panel used in HP’s Reverb headsets. It’s 2.9 inches diagonally, so these new 3K panels are smaller and have a much higher resolution at the same time.

Its size of 2.27 inches makes it suitable for use in compact headsets that use pancake lenses. During Display Week, I tried Innolux’s panel paired with pancake lenses that look identical to HTC’s Vive Flow. The clarity and sharpness surpassed anything I’ve tried before – even the Varjo Aero. While camera shots through the lens are far from representative of what is seen by the human eye, here’s a short clip showing the demo footage to give you a rough idea of ​​the visual quality:

Neither JDI nor Innolux have revealed whether they have a customer yet, but when this reaches products, we could have a new generation of ultra-high-resolution compact VR headsets in store.

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