Tekken 8’s chances of being announced at Evo 2022 just skyrocketed

There are probably only a handful of people in the world who know exactly what will be revealed this weekend at Evo 2022, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have clues to put things together.

One of the biggest question marks at the big event is whether Bandai Namco will be announcing Tekken 8 (or whatever their next big fighting game project is), and the odds seem significantly higher now than they were a few days ago.

While there is no official message that the developer plans to reveal anything on Evo, someone else has done it for them.

Sony revealed yesterday that they will be holding their own PlayStation Tournaments: Evo Lounge streams for Friday and Saturday, where they promise to have exclusive fighting game announcements.

The participating developers are Arc System Works, Warner Bros. Games, Capcom, SNK and of course Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Bamco does have 2 of their current games on the Evo mainstage between Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball FighterZ this year, but the prospect of either getting new content at this point is questionable at best.

Tekken 7 hasn’t seen any new major updates in about a year and a half since Lidia launched as the final DLC character of Season 4, and it’s been very quiet about what that game’s future holds.

Dragon Ball FighterZ got a new DLC character in Lab Coat Android 21 about six months ago, but there’s been radio silence on whether it’ll get more content as well.

While both titles are still very enjoyable for the most part, Tekken 7 and DBFZ are starting to show their age in the changing landscape of fighters, with the first coming out in arcades way back in 2015.

In fact, all of Bamco’s biggest competition in the space between Capcom, ArcSys, SNK, and NetherRealm Studios have all moved on to their next-generation projects, and it doesn’t seem very smart to keep quiet at this point.

There’s still definitely a chance that Dragon Ball isn’t done with the massive success the title has seen over the past 4 and a half years. Now just seems like the best time to move on – unless they announce rollback netcode or something.

Our money, however, is that Bamco has a new game to show off or at least tease, and Tekken is the obvious route to travel down.

The company has been around for at least 8 years now and has also maintained a strong relationship with making big reveals at Evo finals, and that includes Tekken 7 itself at Evo 2014.

Later in 2017, Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray would whip up the crowd with the revelation that Fatal Fury’s Geese Howard would be joining Tekken as a guest character after Street Fighter’s Akuma had already blown those doors open.

That would be followed the following year by Negan’s now infamous teaser for the 3D fighting game and then again on Evo 2019 with the Season Pass 3 announcement for Tekken 7.

This also doesn’t include all of their Dragon Ball FighterZ and Soul Calibur 6 announcements at the time, so they arguably have more to offer Evo than any other company in the past decade.

In his latest episode of Harada’s Bar, the longtime Tekken director pretended not to give fans too much hope for big news, but he might also be trying to get people off track.

“We want to do what fans expect at the expected time, but it’s difficult,” Harada said. “The reason for that is that we have to read between the lines from an industry perspective.

If a company announces something at some point, we should avoid bumping into each other with announcements. There is a balance to consider.”

While it makes some sense that Bamco wouldn’t necessarily want to get lost in a sea of ​​new announcements, skipping on what is essentially the Super Bowl of fighting games to avoid not being — especially if they’ve had a long track record. to do just that.

I’m not quite ready to bet $1,000 on Tekken 8 which is on Evo 2022, but the timing and everything seems to be just right for finally getting acquainted with what the next generation of the franchise has in store.

Videos via DopeDojo and RonanLIVE | S. Viorel Nicolae.

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