The experience is coming to London this summer

Finish that Eggo, put on your geometric romper and put on your old-school sneakers; a time warping journey in the screen guard. Stranger Things: The Experience will tear a rip in the fabric of reality this summer, opening a portal to 1985 Hawkins on a secret location in London† Take on the role of Eleven and the gang as you explore iconic setsexpose supernatural secretslive it up favorite moments of fans and enjoy themed food and drink

In the footsteps of San Francisco and New York, London will invite curious travelers (in Dustin’s inimitable words) to discover the Stranger Things universe with a wonderfully immersive experienceNetflix and Fever have teamed up to bring the Upside Down to life – minus the apocalyptic fallout and dark experimentation, of course.

If the walls of hawkins laboratory could talk, they whispered chilling secrets of mind-altering monsters, unsavory psychological evaluations, and alien portals. Well, they won’t be squandering their guts anytime soon, but Stranger Things: The Experience invites you to spend 45 minutes explore the eerie halls of the mysterious building for yourself – overcoming obstacles and looking for hidden secrets. Who knows, maybe even unlock your special power en route.

people browse food and videos in retro video store set

Between dodging ominous figures in lab coats and blood-sniffing demogorgonians, there will be a unlimited time to enjoy other Hawkins delights. Namely, the 80s-soaked Mix-Tape Area where you can wander through sets straight from the show and experience memorable moments. One minute you could be showing off your Stranger Things-inspired get-up in a immersive photo opthe next moment you would have a delicious brew of the unique theme bar

Stranger Things: The Experience is an immersive adventure that takes you deep into the world of the supernatural series. To get you started, here are a few recognizable faces – armed with flashlights and walkie-talkies – to pass on some of their heroic wisdom and guide you through the interactive stories† Make sure to join the waiting list now if you want to be part of the story. Wastoids and mouth breathers need not apply.

Stranger Things: The Experience - Unlock Your Power!

Stranger Things: The Experience – Unlock Your Power!

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