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The LA County Fair, the mega-midway-esque, competition-quirky, critter-cute spectacle, will celebrate its centenary in 2022 and its first spring affair.

It’s true that the Pomona Festival has long been a staple of late summer, but the event, “one of the country’s largest provincial fairs,” opened on May 5, a date change caused in part by cancellations in 2020 and 2021. (when a smaller fall food festival took place).

So rest assured that appetite-seeking adventurers, those carnival-goers who are the first to get to the fantastic food, are ready for the latest culinary creations, the whimsical, photo-worthy, on-a-stick, in-your-belly treats that the 2022 scholarship has to offer.

Check out some of the temptations below, including, you bet, the staple snack of the spring feast: Chicken Charlie’s new Cherry Kool-Aid Chicken Sandwich.

Chicken Charlie’s has become synonymous with decadent desserts, including this one: Deep-Fried Cheesecake.

The offbeat eatery also makes Deep-Fried Strawberry Uncrustables.

The Candy Factory Unicorn Float is full of fun and flair.

Rainbows can be found all over the fair food stands, including this rainbow of grilled cheese goodness.

Deep-Friend chimichanga, delish: This goodie has buffalo chicken and mac ‘n cheese.

Turkey legs are a hearty staple of the walk-around-and-snack scene at LA County Fair.

LA County Fair

And the most bubbly bite of 2022: Chicken Charles’s Cherry Kool-Aid Sandwich.

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