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Maryville University is launching three new high-tech online academic programs for the fall semester 2022. All three credentials are designed to prepare students to design, implement, operate, and maintain tools and technologies that impact the future of businesses and organizations in different sectors. The programs are:

• Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Fundamentals of AI
• Undergraduate Certificate in Blockchain

Projections from technology companies and companies such as IBM, the International Data Corporation and Grand View Research show that AI and blockchain technology will play a major role in many industries in the coming years, including business, banking and finance, entertainment, government, health care , insurance, logistics, media and communication. Career platform LinkedIn ranked blockchain as the most in-demand career skill for 2020, with skills in AI and cloud computing in the top four.

“There is more than one path to success in today’s economy, and our new certificates and master’s degree offer flexible options to meet the needs and preferences of all students,” said Dr. Robbie Beane, computer science program director and assistant professor of data science at Maryville University. “High-tech areas such as AI and blockchain are evolving rapidly, and our goal is to put students in the best possible position to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that arise in the next decade and into the future.”

The new master’s and certificate programs continue the university’s focus on preparing students for today’s most technologically advanced careers, while preemptively developing the skills needed for emerging career paths. Students can complete courses 100% online with project-based, experiential learning that connects the tools and techniques they learn in the classroom with real-life careers.

“Our new programs will help Maryville students become leaders in high-tech fields as more and more organizations across industries look to implement blockchain and AI technology into their core businesses. These skills are in high demand, but employers face a shortage of qualified talent,” added Dr. Beane.

The master’s degree in AI is a traditional graduate-level program designed to help students build their foundation in the field and then develop advanced skills to excel in the real world. Maryville’s program also offers students a degree of customization, as they can explore electives in areas such as robotics, image processing, and text mining, or choose to participate in a capstone experience. The curriculum includes 11 courses (33 credit hours) and can be completed in two years.

The two certificate options represent alternative routes for undergraduate and graduate students who want to quickly retrain or retrain without pursuing another degree. Undergraduate students can build skills in blockchain technology, with an emphasis on blockchain networks, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and ledgers. Master’s level students can build their foundation in AI with the post-bachelor certificate, which covers fundamentals such as Mathematics for AI, Python programming, and machine learning.

Both certificates can be obtained in a year and all courses are credits-based, meaning students can apply all earned credits towards a full degree if they choose to continue their studies.

All three programs also focus on the ethical and legal considerations in implementing this powerful technology so that graduates are educated on how to approach the field responsibly.


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