The Internet falls in love with the girl’s cute spelling: ‘Apujoos’

A little girl’s prepared menu has gone viral online for her cute spelling, and the clip has been viewed more than 23 million times.

The video was shared on TikTok by @soccergirlxoxo123, showing the youngster proudly displaying her creation.

“It’s a menu,” she explains, as SoccerGirlXoxo123 films the piece of paper, colored in with green and pink pens.

The adult sounds a little worried at first, before saying, “Oh, I see.” On the front is the spelling “menyoow,” for “menu.”

She flips it over to scroll through the options, recounting the writing and saying, “We’ve got ‘menyoow,'” she says, as she struggles to pronounce the next word, spelled “cande.”

The little girl gleefully translates and confirms “candy,” and as she points to the next word, spelled “apujoos” with a backwards “s,” the performer assists again and says “apple juice.”

In the background, SoccerGirlXoxo123 can be heard giggling to herself as she says “oh my god”. As she continues to read the list, she says, “We have ‘wodar,'” as the child says, “yes, water.”

“Joos” appears again, while hungry customers can also order “joke”, although the translation for that word seems to be lost.

I am a kindergarten teacher and read that perfectly! She’s a smart girl with a great sense of phonemic awareness!”

Cortney Day

The clip, seen here, was captioned, “It’s the apple juice for me.”

In the comments, she added: “Any restaurant interested in having their menus rewritten by Gwen let us know.”

Countless people thought her handwriting was adorable, as Caitlin Singh noted, “I absolutely lost it at apujoos.”

Kelz Wright said “I just need cande and joos please.”

While Tinapa noted, “As a teacher all I see is a kid with AMAZING phonemic skills!! And what a cute voice.”

Cortney Day agreed, writing, “I’m a kindergarten teacher and can read that perfectly! She’s a smart girl with a great sense of phonemic awareness!”

Fob4 replied, “At least she’s making her words heard.”

Christal Luster revealed, “My niece spells like this. Next level genius.”

Kat laughed, “Sir, can I have the menyoow please?”

R&T admitted, “I couldn’t understand until she clarified.”

Lily joked, “But why is her spelling right?”

While it’s not clear how old the girl is, the KidsHealth website describes the various milestones children should reach at what age.

By age three they should be able to recognize the first letter of their name, by age four they should be able to write their name and ‘develop awareness of syllables, use familiar letters to write words’.

And by the age of five, children should be able to read simple words on their own and understand them in context.

news week reached out to SoccerGirlXoxo123 for comment.

File photo of girl drawing. A woman shared a hilarious clip of a little girl’s adorable spelling.
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