The Leader podcast: Will Met Police ‘special measures’ solve London crime wave?


The Metropolitan Police has been handcuffed to ‘special measures’ by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary after a series of damaging scandals and ‘systemic flaws’ in the work of the police.

It means that the Met is now under intense administrative supervision by the watchdog.

The announcement follows outrage over horrific incidents, including the rape and murder of Sarah Everard that shattered public confidence, the failure of serial killer Stephen Port, the comic book quest of a black schoolgirl, Child Q, and the failure to record 69,000 crimes. per year.

Crime in the capital is up more than 10 percent, including a year-over-year increase of 8.5 percent in violence against the person — nearly 250,000 crimes — sex offenses by 26 percent and knife crime by five percent, although the homicide rate has fallen by 10 percent and the number of juvenile murders has fallen by a third.

How can the capital’s famed Police Commissioner restore his reputation and restore Londoners’ confidence?

To investigate the latest on the scandal within Britain’s most famous police force, The Leader is joined by Ross Lydall, Editor-in-Chief of Standard’s City Hall.

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