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Cameron Smith, Joaquin Niemann, Marc Leishman, Mito Pereira and 2018 Memorial champion Bryson DeChambeau are among the notables covered in Draws and Fades.

When considering the challenge of Muirfield Village over time, tee targeting has always been a progressive experience, but it’s not as simple as classifying it as a second shot track.

While Nicklaus has allowed room to miss the tee, the track tilts at 7,533 meters, so muscle strength is rewarded. (Total distance is 10 yards lower as the par-5 seventh hole will not play more than 582 yards this week.) At the same time, the roughest penalty starts at 10 inches high, so be respectful and considerate when sizing. hole is required.

Still, the 120 participants of this limited number of participants must stand up and hit golf balls as they approach. Bentgrass greens average only 5,000 square feet and are the smoothest surfaces outside the Augusta National Golf Club boundaries annually. On closer inspection, that’s not true, at least not last year.

New greens in Muirfield Village ran 12 feet on the Stimpmeter last year. That’s a common expectation at most runways used by the PGA TOUR, but they were measurably slower compared to the pre-redesign when measurements were collected from 13 feet and beyond. As a result, the dodge of three putts was at an all-time low of 1.52 percent, the third lowest of all 51 courses during the super season. (The previous track record was 2.21 percent in 1998. The stat has been recorded in earnest since 1992.) As a result, the average number of putts per round dropped by exactly 1.00 (to 27.99), and the conversion rate within 3 meters rose in concert, but most other known measurements to determine how it fared were in line with history.

The learning curve of the new greens acted as a counterbalance. In other words, putts per green in regulation and average distance of putts converted historically will not reflect the changes. But now, with an extra year to mature and with cooperative terms, the governor can be lifted.

After a burst of early summer heat, a front with rain and cooler air will make its way into the region by mid-week. The tail will be off by Thursday, so the turf should be receptive to the opening round. Dry weather is forecast after that, daytime maximum temperatures should not hit 80 degrees and wind should not be a problem.

Under the new standard, the winner will receive 550 FedExCup points, a three-season membership waiver (or a one-year extension to a maximum of five seasons), and a three-year waiver from THE PLAYERS Championship.


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