The Mobile Device Management solution for your Apple devices

Jamf Now helps smaller businesses manage and optimize their Apple devices.

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In the digital age, workers and organizations are constantly looking for ways to reduce clutter, improve efficiency and increase productivity. From the proliferation of remote working in recent years to new trends in experimenting with and finding success using a four-day workweek, there are many new ideas circulating. Before you get to any of these, make sure your devices are well managed.

For teams using Apple products, for example, there are so many areas where your communication, connectivity and collaborations can be maximized. That’s why entire IT departments and even entire, larger organizations spend so much time on account configuration, device deployment, and adjacent areas of need. For smaller organizations and organizations without a lot of IT resources, Jamf Now is the perfect device management solution.

An example of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) service, Jamf Now works exclusively with Apple products to remotely connect, manage, and protect users and devices. By consolidating all of your Apple device management and monitoring needs into one proven platform, you can manage inventory and deploy OS and app updates, enforce passcodes, and remotely wipe devices. To see how well Jamf Now takes care of its users and discover how much more it has to offer, sign up for a free account today.

Jamf Now is rated 4.8/5 stars on Capterra. If the great reviews aren’t enough, trying Jamf Now can be free, taking the pressure off of trying it out.

With your Apple devices, you can get an affordable management product by signing up for a free account with Jamf. That’s good for up to three devices. You can add more to that for just $2 per device per month.

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