The Queen As You’ve Never Seen Her Before: Striking New Portrait Revealed

Rosalind Powell

As the longest reigning British monarch, the Queen has been the subject of countless portraits, photographs and works of art around the world. utilities HELLO! proudly presents her own painting to commemorate Her Majesty in it Platinum Anniversary year.

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We asked British Expressionist artist Ben Mosley, 40, whose fans include: Mike Tindall and Ed Sheeran, to create this unique portrait, a copy of which is offered to our readers as a pull-out poster in this week’s magazine.

Working from his studio in Kent, Ben seized the opportunity to step out of his usual realm of cityscapes and sports artwork and turn his attention to the longest-serving female monarch in history.

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WATCH: Ben Mosley paints striking new portrait of the Queen (Anthony Thomas Doin’it! Productions Ltd)

“She’s an iconic person to paint, and it was good to challenge myself to do something different and integrate a lot of different things about her life,” he tells us. “I’m quite patriotic and a fan of the royal family, so it was something I really liked doing.”

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We asked Ben Mosley to do this portrait of the Queen

After receiving an “abundance of” images from HELLO!Ben chose one that he felt would work best — an official portrait from the coronation in 1953. “She’s been here so long, but I wanted to paint her as a young queen and put all the elements of her life in the background,” he explains.

Based on the design of a stained glass window and inspired by Picasso and Matisse, Ben uses acrylic paints along with 24-carat gold leaf, copper and palladium, a glossy white metal. “Gold and monarchs go hand in hand, so it really fits the subject,” he says. “I use a lot of real gold in my work. I like the reflective properties of the metals.”


Ben poses in front of Buckingham Palace with his masterpiece

Enclosed in the image are scenes from the Queen’s life and the recognition of her 70-year reign. Look closely and you will see the Queen’s Guard; crowds outside Buckingham Palace; an elderly queen greeting her audience; her marriage to Prince Philip and her beloved Corgis.

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