The Queen’s Summer Garden Parties are back after a two-year hiatus – but Her Majesty may not be attending

The dates for your agenda – if you score an invitation – are Wednesday 11 May, Wednesday 18 May and Wednesday 25 May at Buckingham Palace, or 29 June at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The palace has indicated that the Queen will be “represented by other members of the Royal Family at this year’s garden parties, with details of attendance to be confirmed in due course”, leading to speculation that Her Majesty herself will not attend. are on theirs. This is in line with recent reports stating that the Queen will not confirm her presence at one of the platinum anniversary celebrations until the day.

A Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, London, circa 1980

Serge Lemoine/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

First instituted by Queen Victoria in the 1860s as a biannual ‘breakfast’, the royal occasions were actually held in the afternoon, taking advantage of the newly discovered national obsession with tea drinking. In the 1950s, the Queen transformed the traditional debutante party into a third garden party so that her new debs could be presented there.

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