The QVB building just got a new light and art installation

Sydney’s fanciest shopping spree – the Queen Victoria Building, has just become the new home of a gigantic, illuminated chandelier-like sculptural piece that will knock you in the neck from all that upward gazing.

Designed by the lavish EWOL designer Angela Lowe, this 17,6-meter-tall installation is made of 31 different materials, including lasers, textured fabrics, mirrors, balls and sparkling lights. All these handy (and very shiny) materials are recycled and reused. To really cap off the whole glittering lasting extravaganza, there are also over 4,500 Swarovski crystals strung through this piece of art, with these shiny little bad guys once adorning the iconic QVB Christmas tree. How’s that for Christmas magic?

Photo: Included

Lowe’s work is inspired by the glorious stained glass windows of the QVB and the rivers of light that flow through them, with this glamorous addition to the building’s famous dome drawing attention to the building’s deep historical significance to the Sydney of both the past and the present .

If history is a place you want to delve deeper into the QVB, you can also join a history tour with designer Angela Lowe from now until June, where you’ll learn about the centuries of obscure tales that abound. are present in the QVB’s smooth marble floors.

For more information, visit their website here

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