The top 5 exhibitions to be seen in London at the end of May

Tabish Khan the @LondonArtCritic picks his favorite exhibitions to see now in London. Each comes with a quick review to help you decide if it’s for you. Those looking for more exhibits should check out his top 5 for Mayfair, where all but one will remain open.

CJ Hendry @ New Testament Church of God, Mile End

A spectacular installation in a church has paper petals raining down throughout the exhibition, with the church becoming increasingly crowded over time. It is a beautiful and relaxing installation that brings out the child in every visitor, and both the central piece and her wall-based works are in keeping with the church’s striking architecture. Until May 22.

When Matter Becomes Form @ Bowman Sculpture x Canopy Collections

This is a great juxtaposition of the heavyweights of sculpture such as Rodin and Hepworth, with contemporary artists such as William Cobbing’s disturbing sculptures where the hands stretch out as if reaching for us and Richard Butler’s figurative paintings which have a sculptural aura. them. Until May 27.

David Wightman: Ariel @ Grove Square Galleries

Using textured wallpaper as his medium, David Wightman paints landscapes inspired by both the Romantic painters and the abstract colorists to give a contemporary and unique twist to the established genre of landscape painting. Until May 28.

Lauren Baker: Ten days of silence @ 99 projects

Inspired by her time in a silent retreat, Lauren Baker has created new works, including love letters to the Earth, the universe, and past and future lovers, where only the remnants of words are visible, giving them a sense of universality. In addition to auras and female and male symbols, it is a deeply spiritual exhibit. Until May 29.

Richard Stone: Knight Divided & Celina Teague: Nature Interrupted @ Kristin Hjellegjerde, Melior Place

There is a double header of great artists in the gallery with Celina Teague’s vibrant paintings atop nature, sitting between dreams and nightmares. While Richard Stone’s beautifully carved marble veils and sculptures look so delicate when framed, yet are deceptively solid. Until June 4.

All images copyright and courtesy respective artist and gallery.


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