The Weirdest AI Art Made Yet with DALL E 2

The internet used to be a strange place, but it’s suddenly gotten even weirder thanks to the explosion of weird AI art created by image generators like DALL·E 2, MidJourney, and Craiyon. From weird cartoon crossovers to surreal food and apocalyptic selfies, DALL E 2 and others, with varying degrees of success, seem really capable of creating any weird AI art you can describe in their prompt boxes.

Of course, DALL·E 2 and other AI art generators don’t come up with these things on their own. They carry out the written prompt they get through the millions of images and captions they’ve been given. So the results are as weird as the imagination of users. There are plenty of existential concerns about where this is all going and what it means for artists, but AI isn’t going to take over the world and turn us into slaves just yet. We hope.

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