The world’s first robot-painted art car is a masterpiece

ABB’s award-winning PixelPaint technology combined Advait’s monochromatic design and Illusorr’s tricolor geometric patterns into a highly complex piece of art that captures the imagination like few other art cars we’ve seen. Automotive paint technology is constantly improving, but this new way of working could change the game forever. ABB’s IRB 5500 painting robots completed the intricate artwork in less than 30 minutes thanks to the 1000 paint nozzles in the print head.

This new technology is breaking new ground in aftermarket automotive customization, opening the door for artists looking to enter the customization industry.

“People are getting emotionally attached to them and the importance of personalization is getting stronger. I even work with customers who really want to have the entire car custom designed. So this paint range – with all kinds of new levels of individual design for a car – is incredible” , says car designer Ian Callum, who was responsible for the design of the Aston Martin Vanquish.

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