These Are The Most Effective Exercises For Keeping Your Brain Young, MD Says — Don’t Eat This That

Staying physically active and exercising regularly is essential to maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle. Taking care of your brain health is especially important as you get older, and we’re here with the most effective brain exercises to keep your cognitive skills young. We spoke to Dr. Mike Bohl, the director of Medical Content & Education at Ro and a member of the Eat This, Not That! Medical expert Boar, explaining everything you need to know about keeping your brain young and in the best shape possible.

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According to Dr. Bohl: “This is still an area that needs more research, but essentially anything you do that engages your mind and challenges your memory, problem solving and reaction time can help combat memory loss and prevent dementia.”

There isn’t one specific exercise for your brain that’s important to perform — you really need to choose mindful activities that you enjoy. The many possibilities include reading, playing card or board games, meditating, doing puzzles and socializing. Learning something different is also a healthy challenge, such as exploring a new language, playing an instrument, or researching a topic that interests you.

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You can start exercising your brain at any age, although some studies have mainly observed the impact of brain exercise in adults aged 65 and over. dr. Bohl advises, “There is a concept that some people may have a greater ‘cognitive reserve’ than others based on their experiences, education and activities throughout life, and that they have a greater ‘cognitive reserve’ – which may be due to more brain exercises to do earlier in life – may help delay the onset of cognitive decline (although much research is still needed in this area).”

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There are some pretty helpful tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine that Dr. Bohl shares with us to sharpen your brain as you age. “Eating healthily, exercising, managing chronic conditions like high blood pressure, and avoiding or limiting substance use (such as quitting smoking or drinking alcohol only in moderation) are all ways to support a healthy brain.”

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The good news is that the sky is the limit when it comes to how much exercise is a good amount of exercise to fuel your brain! dr. Bohl recommends, “Remember to eat, sleep and live, and don’t spend all day indoors puzzling.”

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