These new books will allow you to add new tools to your parenting toolbox

“Mom Milestones: The True Story of the First Seven Years” by Grace Farris (Workman Publishing)

Forget the sugar-coated tales of what it means to be a new mom. This funny, quick-to-read, graphical version shows the real story. It takes you from “Before Mom Was Born” (hint: she could take her time with meals) all the way through the early elementary years. You collect toys, find places to hide for a while, learn how to get out of the house again and eventually fill your heart until it bursts. This is a great gift for a baby shower or just for yourself.

“You-ology: A Puberty Guide for Every Body” by Melisa Holmes, Trish Hutchinson and Kathryn Lowe (American Academy of Pediatrics)

"You-ology: A Puberty Guide for Every Body" by Melisa Holmes, Trish Hutchinson and Kathryn Lowe

In the American Academy of Pediatrics’ first-ever children’s book, doctors, including the makers of Girlology, help kids learn about themselves and their peers and exactly what happens to them during puberty.

Melisa Holmes, a physician, mother of three and co-founder of Girlology, is a faculty member at the University of South Carolina medical school, where she has joint appointments in pediatrics and obstetrics/gynaecology. She said most parents learned about puberty in groups separated by gender. This book changes that.

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