This cute ice cream parlor near Toronto is bathed in pink

This has to be one of the coolest ice cream parlors of all time.

Whether you consider yourself a Barbie girl, a lover of sugar and spice and all things fun, or just love the color pink, The Parlor is an ice cream parlor in Hamilton fully decked out in that special color.

The Parlor has a long ice cream list with both dairy and vegan options, and sundaes with every topping you can think of.

Cheesecake chunks, waffle chunks, chopped jolly rancher and cotton candy are just some of the items they offer to perfect your order.

They also have lunch and dinner options for anyone lacking dessert that day, including their gourmet grilled cheese with various fillings (like poached pear, for example), chili cheese dogs, and a slew of poutines with toppings like Montreal smoked meats and Korean fried chicken. .

However, the real excitement comes from The Parlor’s bright pink interior. The only thing that isn’t pink is some of the white lettering on the walls so you can actually see the menu.

Their aesthetic has certainly earned them the title Insta-worthy.

You will find two Parlor locations in Hamilton at 224 Ottawa St N and 581 Concession St.

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