This mind-blowing experience is the only stop in London for the Unboxed festival

Whatever preconceptions you bring to the Unboxed festival – formerly known as the Festival of Brexit, but it’s a bit more complicated than that – there’s no denying that Londoners shouldn’t worry too much about it, as almost none of them the events really come to us. The only exception is ‘Dreamachine’, a remake of a 1959 creation by artist Brion Gysin that mainly used flickering lights to make the audience hallucinate. Billed as an “immersive experience,” this beautiful update comes from musician Jon Hopkins and the Turner-winning arts ensemble Assemble. The basic purpose is presumably still to make you hallucinate, although the design is much more sophisticated, and there’s a flicker-free light option (“deep listening”) for those who can’t handle flickering lights, as opposed to the full on” high sensory’ version. At least it sounds interesting and it’s completely free.

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