TikTok influencer explains creepy reason behind the Tower of London’s hand in the wall

Influencer Megan Clawson lives in the Tower where her father is a Beefeater and has become famous on the social media platform by unraveling the secrets of London’s famous fortress

Megan Clawson shared the reason why there is a hand in the wall of the Tower of London

A TikTok influencer has explained the eerie reason why a floating hand is embedded in the wall of the Tower of London.

About 2.8 million tourists visit London’s iconic fortress, which was once the safest castle in the country. But with so much to take in, as hard as it may be to believe, many may have missed the horrific body part.

The eerily severed skeleton has an eerie yellow hue and is hidden behind murky glass in part of the wall of the north Byward Tower, which hundreds of thousands of people can unknowingly walk past every day.

And it’s, ironically, hand height, reports MyLondon.

But there’s a horrifying story behind the object, as Tower resident and TikTok influencer Megan Clawson recently revealed, stretching all the way back to the horrific punishments seen in the Middle Ages.

Beefeaters have been guarding the tower since Tudor times


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Influencer Megan lives in the fortress where her father is a Beefeater.

The TikTok star became famous for her videos in which she shared the various secrets of the historic fortress and shared the story behind ‘The Hand In The Wall’ on her page earlier this year.

Megan described how she’s “pretty used to the gallows humor of the Yeoman Warders in the Tower of London” by now.

“They leave little humorous Easter eggs all over the tower that many visitors miss,” added Megan, who told her 199,000 TikTok followers, “including the hand in the wall.”

As she walked through the tower to the hand in the video, she went on to share the eerie reason it’s believed to be there.

About 2.8 million tourists visit the Tower of London every year


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Megan told her followers, “The story goes that you once needed a password to get in. To give the password, you had to put your hand in this spice. [indicates hole in the wall] next to the North Byward tower.”

However, what she described next indicates that there may have been some pretty horrific punishment for anyone who didn’t know the word.

Megan dramatically informed her followers, “If you got the password wrong, they would cut your hand off every now and then.”

William the Conqueror built the stone tower in the 1070s and was the protector of the crown jewels and home to Yeoman Warders, and of course the famous ravens that, according to legend, keep the tower safe are cared for by a Ravenmaster.

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