TMC launches a new virtual reality training platform

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Tucson Medical Center, in partnership with 3lbXR, is launching a new virtual reality training program for nurses, patient care technicians and environmental services employees.

Designed to handle risky and problematic tasks and work tasks in a healthcare environment, this virtual reality platform enables full training in a safe environment where learners can learn from their mistakes.

This new training is part of a TMC Foundation funded program that includes a research study with the goal of enrolling more than 200 registered nurses. The aim of the study is to evaluate nurses’ confidence and competence in various clinical skills using virtual reality training modules that aid in the efficient use of educational and human resources.

“Like other simulation courses, VR has the potential to provide a safe space for practicing important skills for numerous health professionals,” said Dr. Anissa Guzman, TMC Director of Professional Practice. “Mistakes can be made with no real impact on patients, which makes it possible to adapt practices that fall outside expectations for safe, high-quality patient care. Repeated opportunities to go through the right steps or processes for high-risk events present the great opportunity for performance improvement in a virtual space that can be translated into real-life healthcare practice.”

Scenarios for nurses and environmental services employees include c. difficile sanitation, patient room cleaning, fall prevention, and suicide prevention, all in an immersive virtual reality format. Rooms in the training modules mirror rooms at TMC for a realistic experience.

“With virtual reality, we build the entire environment,” said Robin Moulder, CEO of 3lbXR. “I can put you in an ICU for training and take you to a completely different room and situation at the click of a button.”

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