Toronto man convicted of child kidnapping and luring charges sentenced to five years

Corygon Allicock, the 36-year-old Toronto man convicted Tuesday of child abduction, enticing children and inviting sexual touching by a person under the age of 16, was sentenced to five years in prison, a Stratford judge ruled.

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A Toronto man who pleaded guilty in Stratford court to charges of kidnapping, enticing children and inviting them to sexual contact will now spend the next five years in prison.

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When Corygon Allicock was sentenced on Tuesday, Judge Kathryn McKerlie described the “combination of the decoy and kidnapping” of his child victim as “horrific.”

“It is a legal aggravating factor to the conviction that the victim of the crime was a child and the disparity in their ages is also an aggravating factor to the conviction,” McKerlie said, explaining her reasons for accepting a joint filing of the Crown and the defense. “The planning and calculation involved is aggravating. The Crown accurately described a planned, calculated kidnapping of a (young child) by a 35-year-old man after he invited (them) to engage in sexual acts.

Since a court order prohibits the publication of details that could directly or indirectly identify the victim in this case, many of the facts read in court on Tuesday cannot be shared.

The kidnapping took place in Perth County late last year after Allicock, posing as a 20-year-old man, began communicating with the victim online via Snapchat.

On several occasions leading up to the kidnapping, the court heard that the Etobicoke man sent the victim sexual requests and asked for videos of the victim showing their bodies sexually explicit.

Finally, the victim left their parental home in the middle of the night to meet Allicock, who took them by taxi to his home in Etobicoke. The victim was eventually found in Allicock’s home by Toronto police after OPP investigators traced an IP address linked to a smartphone application used by the victim while they were missing to communicate with a friend.

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Three other charges, including one filed in March after Allicock allegedly violated the court-ordered bail conditions by communicating directly with the victim via Snapchat, were dropped at the Crown’s request.

Prior to the sentencing, Crown attorney Elizabeth Wilson handed out victim statements written by the victim’s mother and aunt, detailing the mental toll the kidnapping had – and continues to take – on the victim and the victim’s family and friends. .

“I have never felt so much fear and anxiety,” the victim’s mother wrote of realizing her child had been kidnapped. “I couldn’t breathe. I had to find her. … I’ve never felt so scared. I felt like I was dying inside.”

Addressing the court before his sentencing, Allicock said he was sorry for the fear he caused.

“I want to apologize to the family and let them know that it was not my intention to bring this fear into their lives, and I would like to let them know that it will never happen again,” Allicock said afterwards. was twice told by McKerlie to speak louder.

While underscoring the seriousness of Allicock’s violations, McKerlie said his lack of a previous criminal record and his early plea that the victim should not testify at trial were at least somewhat mitigating factors.

Allicock was also ordered not to communicate with the victim and their mother while serving his sentence and was not allowed to be within 6 miles of any place of work, education or residence that he knows the victim is located. He is further prohibited from visiting public places where people under the age of 16 are present or communicating with anyone under the age of 16 unless he is directly supervised by one of his parents.

Allicock’s name, address and information on all three crimes will be added to the Sex Offenders Register and he will have to comply with the Sex Offenders Registration Act for the rest of his life. Allicock is also subject to a 20-year gun ban, may not work where he would have a position of authority or trust over anyone under the age of 16, and is prohibited from using social media for any reason.

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