Toronto was ranked as the ‘hardest city to navigate’ in the world and it’s worse than New York

Do you always walk through Toronto with the confidence that you know where your final destination would be, but still look on Google Maps?

Well, you’re not alone.

Next Vacay, an online travel search system, discovered “the most confusing cities to navigate” to help travelers learn about new destinations and plan ahead.

The top city on the list of the hardest places to navigate in the world is Toronto, which is worse than New York. Yes, you read that right.

The 6ix made it to the top of a list they probably don’t want to be on — sorry, no sorry, city planners.

So, curious to know which cities beat Toronto? Well, in second place is London, followed by Mexico City, New York, Paris, São Paulo, Madrid and Hong Kong respectively.

The research was based on “Google searches for directions, exact location and Google Maps at any destination.”

They also “looked at median mobile download speed, walkability score, average taxi fares and transportation options to find out where people get lost the most and how they get lost.”

Next Vacay said 3.9 million people search for directions in Toronto every month. Why is this so recognizable?! How many of you people out there are one of those bums?

As if Torontonians didn’t already know this, but apparently, being a “boomtown” and with construction going on everywhere, the potential to get lost is high.

“The city is perhaps best explored on foot or using one of North America’s best public transportation systems,” the report adds.

The 6ix scored 61/100 for walkability, which isn’t a great score, but for those afraid of getting lost in the city, don’t!

“You may be happy to hear that the city has an excellent median mobile download speed of 94 Mbps – so wherever you end up, you can always ask Google for help.”

So the next time you’re in the concrete jungle and you’re wondering, “why am I lost again?” know that you are not alone in this.

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