Tory rebels plan next step to oust Boris Johnson

However, the threat of backbenchers remains.

Theresa May, the former prime minister, resigned in 2019 after learning that the 1922 commission had voted to remove her years-long protection from a second ballot.

Andrew Bridgen and Steve Baker, two Tory MPs who have called for Mr Johnson’s resignation, announced that they are running for senior positions on the committee.

Six positions are for officers of the 1922 Committee, while the other 12 are for executive positions.

Some of those looking for a job explicitly promise to change the rules so that Mr Johnson will not be protected for a year, paving the way for another vote in the summer or fall.

Mr Bridgen told The Telegraph: “I will be on a pro rule change ticket. Boris Johnson knows full well that it was the threat of rule change that persuaded Theresa May to resign. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword, as Boris well knows.”

A second said: “It will become clear that people should vote for a number of candidates for the executive who can be sure that they put the interests of the party first rather than the prime minister, who is a hindrance to the country. to a great extent.”

But the prime minister’s allies hope to pressure their own list of pro-Johnson candidates to block such a move, encouraging private parliamentary secretaries to vote for those numbers.

A Tory whips source rejected claims that a plot was underway to protect Mr Johnson by influencing the 1922 Committee elections, calling the allegations “false”.

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