Trump blames Biden administration for more than $40 billion in military aid to Ukraine from US taxpayers’ money

Former US President Donald Trump on Friday criticized the Biden administration’s $40 billion military and humanitarian funding for Ukraine. He also criticized Democrats for promoting legislation to channel more aid to Ukraine from US taxpayers’ money. “Democrats are sending another $40 billion to Ukraine, but America’s parents are struggling to even feed their children,” Trump said in a statement. Save America PAC† The ex-POTUS called the scarcity of baby food in the US “a national disgrace”.

“It’s inconceivable that American families won’t be able to get baby food for their children in 2022,” Trump said, condemning the Democratic Party for allocating billions of dollars to the war in Ukraine. “Families whose children have severe allergies and need a ‘elemental’ formula are in even more desperate and serious trouble,” he added.

$40 billion in taxpayers’ money for aid to Ukraine

The Biden administration approved nearly $40 billion in aid to Ukraine earlier this week, including an estimated $8.7 billion for an economic relief fund, $6 billion in security aid and $900 million in support services for refugees fleeing the war. The package passed 368-57, with the approval of the majority of Republicans. Nearly 57 Republicans voted against. A deal was struck between Senate Leader Charles Schumer (DN.Y.) and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to pass the aid package, and Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) also had the room blocked from accepting the package” quickly”.

Some lawmakers also expressed concerns about the national baby food shortage. “Its cost has definitely gone up and availability has kind of forced us to go online,” Representative Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), told The Hill. The Biden administration swiftly approved the $40 billion package and Congress approved aid to keep military aid flowing to Kiev. Every ‘no’ vote came from Republicans. “This bill will protect democracy, limit Russian aggression and strengthen our own national security, and most importantly, support Ukraine,” Democratic Representative Rosa DeLauro, chairman of the House Appropriation Committee, said of the package.

Some Republicans opposed the bill, mocking Democrats for sending too many US tax dollars to Ukraine. Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States, Oksana Markarova, had asked the United States for help. “It was a very heartfelt and easy-to-understand message: Their people are dying, they’re running out of supplies and ammunition. They need our help fast. Thanks for all our help. Please. Speed ​​it up,” Democratic Senator Dick Durbin said to reportedly.

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