Two-on-two combat action game FAMILY BATTLE: Tag Arena for PC launches in Early Access on August 6

Two-on-two combat action game FAMILY BATTLE: Tag Arena launches on August 6 in Early Access for PC via Steam, publisher Kodansha and SUPER DRINK BROS. developer nekogameteacher announced.

Here’s an overview of the game, via the Steam page:

As regards

A great battle by a family of superheroes! An action arena for two-on-two tag teams!

Key Performance Features

  • Lemon or mayo for Karaage? What is the end of the endless struggle between the families divided into two factions, where everyone has one fixed choice…
  • This is a two-on-two 3D tag team battle action game that can be played online. The tag team is divided into “attacker” and “support” roles and must work together to conduct strategic battles.
  • Attackers use melee weapons and fight opponents on the front line to deal damage. In addition to the normal attack, the attacker can use two abilities that vary from character to character to corner and force the opponent to fold.
  • Supporters use long-range weapons, but cannot deal damage to their opponents. However, by using a wide range of skills, they can control the combat situation to their liking. The support is key to the game plan, sometimes protecting the attacker and sometimes clearing the way for the attacker.
  • In this tag team battle it is hard to win by the strength of one person alone. Working together and complementing each other, partners can enjoy exciting and strategic battles that cannot be achieved by a single player.

Watch a new trailer below.

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