UMass Chan reports data on diversity composition of students, teachers and staff

Marlina Duncan, EdD

UMass Chan Medical School publishes data on the diversity makeup of its campus community in support of its strategic goal to increase diversity, equality and inclusion. The Diversity Data Dashboards contain self-reported data from UMass Chan’s faculty, staff and students by race, ethnicity and gender and will be updated annually.

“It’s important that when we talk about increasing representation, it helps start with a better understanding of today’s population,” said Marlina Duncan, EdD, vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion. “We all need a common understanding of where we are; questions such as ‘Who is at UMass Chan’, ‘How do people identify’ and ‘What are some of our goals in this regard’ are ways to ensure that attention to diversity is a priority of our institution.”

UMass Chan’s commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion is outlined in the diversity pillar added to the IMPACT 2025 strategic plan in January. It outlines strategic goals to increase DEI through policies and processes; develop and integrate an anti-biased curriculum; increasing DEI training, involvement and capacity; create equity in DEI recruitment, mentorship, and advancement; and evaluating and assessing progress.

dr. Duncan said data will drive these goals and enable the institution to create the climate and culture it pursues.

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