Unique McDonald’s Soft Serves Across Sydney Unveiled on TikTok

A TikTok foodie has opened the lid on two secret McDonald’s desserts – one of which is only available at the fast food giant’s Bondi restaurant.

TikTok foodie Adrian Widjy has opened two secret McDonald’s desserts that are currently only available at select restaurants across Australia.

Widjy, who posts under Places in Sydney Foodie, shared last week where customers in his home city can sample two unique versions of the fast food giant’s iconic soft serve cone.

The first—which he picked up at McDonald’s Gladesville, on the Lower North Shore—was the Chocolate Soft Serve Cone, which hit Aussie stores last year and is being re-tried at select restaurants in NSW, South Australia, and the Northern Territory.

“We look forward to feedback from our customers about the product,” said a McDonald’s Australia spokesperson about the ice cream.

Widjy described the dessert as “chocolate perfection” and said it was “the best”.

The second item – which Widjy bought in Bondi – is arguably less well-known: the Flavor Burst Soft Serve Cone, and consists of a regular soft serve cone with one of five flavor syrups of your choice.

He picked the grape syrup, but the cone can also be made with chocolate, raspberry, banana and Pina Colada.

A McDonald’s spokeswoman confirmed to news.com.au that “the Soft Serve Flavor Burst is normally available from Bondi”, adding that there are “no plans to make it available in other restaurants at this stage”.

“Just in case you don’t know that these two items exist in Sydney in two locations,” Widjy captioned the video.

“I know that there are other locations for chocolate soft portions. Knowing more? DM me please!”

The clip garnered more than 15,000 likes and hundreds of comments, with Widjy’s followers quickly sharing their own “secret” Macca’s finds and stating how delicious both ice creams looked.

It’s not the first time the foodie has gone viral on the platform when it comes to McDonald’s; last November, users went wild with his inventive soft serve-eating technique.

In the clip, Widjy filmed himself walking into a McDonald’s and ordering four cones, before putting them all together to make a “soft purée.”

“This is called smashed soft serve, it’s very popular in Indonesia!” He wrote.

“And for good reason! It’s divine!”

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