Vancouver driver: video shows vehicle moving into next lane

A video shows how a driver swerves into the next lane after hitting the object.

Dashcam footage shows what appears to be a large rock hitting a black Mazda, then hitting a white Honda in a nearby lane on a busy Vancouver street early Monday (May 30).

Tara T. was driving southeast on Marine Drive just before 8 a.m. when she saw a black Mazda swerve ahead of her swerve and crashed into a large rock; the rock also hit a white Honda.

“I also saw a few [of] pieces of debris that I think may have come from his car,” she said Vancouver is amazing

As the black Mazda slowed down and stopped after the incident, Tara rushed to work and couldn’t stop to talk to the driver. She later shared the video on social media in the hope that the driver would see it.

“I reported it online to ICBC and I called the VPD’s non-emergency line, but the woman told me that if I didn’t witness a person throw the stone, they wouldn’t start a case for it,” she added. ready.

The Vancouver Cnst Police Department. Tania Visintin confirmed with VIA that it is not a police problem, but rather an ICBC claim.

ICBC spokesman Brent Shearer told VIA that damage from falling or flying objects such as rock or gravel hitting part of a vehicle would be covered by ICBC’s optional comprehensive insurance coverage.

More information about ICBC optional coverages is available online from ICBC.

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