Viral post shows cat edited into classic paintings

A Redditor decided to take classic paintings to the next level by crafting their 10-month-old cat named Gravy in them, leaving the internet in a lurch.

Reddit user u/bunnykitten94 shared an edited image of the classic “Portrait of Innocent X” — a painting completed by Diego Velazquez in 1650 — to the “Eyebleach” subreddit, where it received more than 16,000 votes. Although the image is nearly identical to the original version, u/bunnykitten94 edited their cat Gravy to appear as if it was stretched out across the Pope’s lap.

“I put my cat in famous paintings for fun. I call this ‘The Pope and Gravy’,” the post read.

Different image editing programs offer different features, according to GCF Global.

A Redditor has redesigned several classic paintings to include their cat. Above is a stock photo of a person using a photo editing program.

Some devices come with programs that provide basic editing functions, such as cropping, resizing, and rotating an image. Those interested in more advanced features can purchase the software that provides them.

The image you/bunnykitten94 shared on Reddit was just one of many edited paintings they completed.

In another post, shared on the “Cats” subreddit, Gravy took the place of Adam in Michangelo’s well-known painting “The Creation of Adam.”

u/bunnykitten94 has given the painting the appropriate name ‘The Creation of Gravy’.

They also shared a counterfeit version of Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato’s painting “Madonna and Child” in the “Pics” subreddit. Instead of rocking the baby Jesus, Gravy the cat was nestled in Madonna’s arms.

u/bunnykitten94 wrote to news week that they have used Adobe Photoshop during their studies, but otherwise they have no experience with graphic design.

“I use a Photoshop app on my iPhone,” they explained. “It has ads, but otherwise I can do pretty much everything Photoshop does on the computer.”

They said they were inspired by FatCatArt, another cat adapted into works of art.

Those who saw the updated paintings shared their joy in the comments section.

“Best thing I’ve seen all week,” wrote one commenter. “Thanks for sharing.”

u/bunnykitten94 thanked them and noted that they laughed all the time when they made it.

“Bro, I can’t even describe how much this made me laugh,” wrote another Reddit user.

“I have no idea why you’re doing this, but please don’t stop,” commented one Redditor.

Many asked you/bunnykitten94 to edit other classical paintings.

One Redditor wrote, “I need more!”

“Absolute beauty,” wrote one commenter, as a compliment to you/bunnykitten94.

These images aren’t the only ones that have gone viral.

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Another image went viral when it showed what the characters from the sitcom Friends would look like if filmed in the present.

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