We Tried Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Italian Date Night Spots

Rachel ordered two kinds of pizza, which was the next course that came out.

Rachel tried two kinds of thin crust pizza.

Rachel Askinasi / Insider

Rachel ordered a 12-inch pie of two different types – Campania allows guests to order half a pizza. She chose the popular Lombarda and a classic Margherita for $19.

The Lombarda came topped with red sauce, mozzarella, arugula, prosciutto, shaved Parmesan and truffle oil. It was salty from the meats and cheeses, refreshing from the raw arugula and savory from the truffle oil, Rachel said.

The Margherita had the same red tomato sauce, mozzarella and pecorino cheese and thin ribbons of basil. The spice was strong and clear, Rachel said, and the sauce had a sweetness that would do better on this pie.

Each pie had a very thin, well cooked bottom crust. Rachel described it as crispy and firm enough that it wouldn’t flop when she picked up a slice by the edge.

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